The Mary Morgan Hewett Award for Women in Journalism

The Board of Directors of the FEWC administers the Mary Morgan Hewett Fund which was established to recognize the achievements of women journalists in Asia, the Pacific and the United States. The program presents awards for lifetime achievement and excellence. It also provides opportunities for women journalists to travel and write about Asia, the Pacific or the United States. Recipients are brought to the Center to take part in one of the Jefferson Fellowships programs.

Sunetra Choudhury, 2018 recipient of the Mary Morgan Hewett Award for Women in Journalism.

The Mary Morgan Hewett Fund was established in 1980 by Robert Hewett, a senior staffer at the East-West Center in memory of his late wife Mary, who was an internationally known photojournalist. The Fund recognizes talented women journalists from the U.S. and Asia-Pacific regions and encourages them to advance their career. The Fund works together with the Center’s Jefferson Fellowships program for journalists in selecting the winner who is designated as the Jefferson/Mary Morgan Hewett Fellow with a travel grant to cover her expenses for the program.

Past winners of the Hewett Fund include:
Melanie Kirkpatrick (The Wall St. Journal)
Trudy Rubin (The Philadelphia Inquirer)
Maria Henson (The Sacramento Bee)
Afshan Subohi (Dawn)
Bachi Kakaria (The Times of India)
Julie McCarthy (National Public Radio)
Susan Kreifels (Stars and Stripes)