East-West Dialogue Series
The FEWC sponsor programs featuring guest speakers on current issues that enhance understanding of the region and U. S. relations in Asia and the Pacific. Topics range from politics and economics to social and cultural trends. Distinguished speakers include ambassadors, leading scholars, famous authors and prize-winning journalists.

China Seminar Program
As of 2009, the China Seminar became a signature program of the Friends of the East-West Center under the guidance of Professor Daniel W.Y. Kwok, its founding convener over 37 years ago. The China Seminar provides an informal venue for China experts, such as scholars, diplomats, and journalists, to present talks on aspects of China that interest our members and the local community. These topics cover politics, economics, social issues, history, culture, food, arts, and many other subjects. The seminars are held the second Thursday of each month (except during the summer) at the Maple Garden Chinese Restaurant.

Speaker Connection
The FEWC membership is a tremendous resource for local organizations to use when selecting plenary speakers or panel members for professional meetings, forums or symposia. The FEWC maintains a list of available presenters from the East-West Center community who are prepared to speak on such topics as  Asia Pacific Security, Emerging Technologies, Environment Policy,  HIV/AIDS,  International Education, Pacific Islands Development, and Women’s Leadership. It is advisable to make a request to the FEWC office (944-7691) for such presenters at least 2-3 months in advance.

Ohana Program
Each year individuals, families and institutions in the local community are given an opportunity to interact with East-West Center students, scholars, or professionals in government, civil society, business, and the media informally, including hosting an occasional dinner at home, inviting them to be a part of a holiday celebration, a cultural activity or a sports event. Center participants often ask to meet local people so they can experience another culture and way of life. Families say that the experience is always beneficial to them. Institutions report that their activities are enriched by this interaction. Requests to the Ohana Program may be made throughout the year by contacting the FEWC office by telephone or email.
FEWC Host Family Form for EWC Students (.pdf writable)
FEWC Host Family Form for Host Families (.pdf writable)

In partnership with the Center’s Alumni Office and the Education Program, the FEWC assist in connecting Center participants with mentors in the community. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement for all involved. The participants learn from the leaders in business, social services, non-profit and academic organizations in the local community and the mentoring individuals and institutions get valuable input from an international perspective. Mentors and Center participants can register by phone or email with the Alumni office at any time.

The Mary Morgan Hewett Award (MMHA) for Women in Journalism
The Board of Directors of the FEWC administers the Mary Morgan Hewett Fund which was established to recognize the achievements of women journalists in Asia, the Pacific and the United States. The program presents awards for lifetime achievement and excellence. It also provides opportunities for women journalists to travel and write about Asia, the Pacific or the United States. Recipients are brought to the Center to take part in one of the Jefferson Fellowships program.