April China Seminar

China Seminar – April 13, 2023, 12PM via Zoom

Big Country, Empty Nest 
Understanding China’s Demographic Shift

Dr. Yi Fuxian
Senior Scientist, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Speaker’s Summary:
Dr. Yi Fuxian, a senior scientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, will discuss China’s shrinking population and the policies that both led to it and will also make it difficult to reverse.   Dr. Yi publicly predicted that China’s population would shrink before anyone else by closely watching China’s own statistics – particularly from its provinces having to do with marriage rates and ages. 

Speaker Bio:
Fuxian Yi, MD, PhD is a Senior Scientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Since 2000, he has applied medical science to demographic and economic research. He used that research to launch a campaign against China’s one-child policy. His book, Big Country with an Empty Nest, went from being banned by the Chinese government to promoted by it in just six years and was picked as No.1 of 100 Best Books of 2013 on China. His projections of China’s population and economy have repeatedly proven to be more accurate than official ones. He is widely cited by major American news organizations and has spoken at international conferences including the Boao Forum for Asia and Reuters Next. 

The views expressed are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect East-West Center nor Friends of the East-West Center policies or position.

The China Seminar was founded by Dr. Daniel W.Y. Kwok 45 years ago. Under his guidance, it became a signature program of the Friends of the East-West Center (FEWC) in 2009. The program provides an informal venue for China experts, such as scholars, diplomats, and journalists, to present talks on aspects of China that interest the community and members of the Friends. Topics include politics, economics, social issues, history, culture, food, arts, and many other subjects. Though Dr. Kwok has recently retired from his involvement with the program, the FEWC and the East-West Center remain committed to continuing this important program.